Decca Publishing is a new publishing company inside UMG, administered by Universal Music Publishing focusing on post-classical and film score composers and catalogues.

“There’s a growing generation of classical or score composers who see themselves as pop artists as much as classical composers. These composers work outside the core genre and have very broad skill-sets, be it writing film scores or having music commissioned for ballet, touring as artists or working with remixers and producers of all music genres. They need a new type of global publisher who can support and develop the broad range of opportunities that are out there for them. This is Decca Publishing.”

– Natasha Baldwin,  Head of Decca Publishing.


We are uniquely placed as a boutique publishing company within a major music entertainment group to support, shape, and amplify the narrative of a composer’s full story utilizing Universal Music’s global resources. Our deep love of this area of music allows us to provide genre-specific expertise, a clear focus on creative and services, and wide-ranging yet individualized support for each composer on our carefully curated roster.