Actress x Stockhausen Sin {x} II

The libretto was inspired by MPs debating the meaning of love during the Brexit no-confidence vote in December 2018. These debates were moderated by Actress at The House of Lords, with Young Paint generating music from the recordings.

This reimagining of Stockhausen’s Welt-Parlament sees Actress join forces with Vanessa Benelli Mosell, a student of Stockhausen, on piano; The Netherlands Chamber Choir; and conductor Robert Ames of London Contemporary Orchestra. Young Paint AI performs electronics.

Music by Darren J Cunningham, in collaboration with Robert Ames, co-principal conductor of the London Contemporary Orchestra, and Young Paint (AI). Co-commissioned by Southbank Centre and Holland Festival.

The show is played like a semi-staged opera. […] It is a fascinating, if short, piece of theatre, but Actress rarely imposes himself on the work. A screen behind him shows a computer-generated film featuring a chrome-plated robot version of Actress at work, which suggests he is slowly transforming himself into a Kraftwerk-style cyborg.‘ – The Guardian ★★★★

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