“Everything” Soundtrack by Sebastian Plano & Ben Lukas Boysen

August 7, 2018

Sebastian Plano and Ben Lukas Boysen‘s soundtrack for the 2017 PlayStation game, “Everything”, has been featured in The Believer‘s “curated collection of progressive and avant-garde music from indie video games, 2010–2018”.


Acclaimed Berlin-based composer, producer, and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen has released nine albums of electronic music since 2003, but 2016’s Spells and Gravity were the first under his own name. He has also composed music for feature films, games, art installations, and advertisements. Sebastian Plano is a classically trained composer, producer, and multiinstrumentalist also from Berlin (via Argentina). His 2013 debut album, Arrhythmical Part of Hearts, placed him among the pioneering artists combining acoustic instruments and electronic music. “We’re Here” appears on their jaw-dropping soundtrack for David OReilly’s surrealist universe-painting sandbox game, Everything (which also features hours of audio from famed philosopher Alan Watts). “The game deals so much with interdependencies and how the world we live in is interconnected,” Boysen says. “One thing builds on top of another. This had to be mirrored in the soundtrack too. Themes appear in one track and are rediscovered either stylistically or compositionally, either as single elements or entire variations, elsewhere. There are seven overall themes that technically make up the whole score, but their variations and mutations are vast, to the point where you think you are listening to a whole different song altogether.”

Favorite game soundtracks: BioShock Infinite by Garry Schyman and various artists, Alone in the Dark by Philippe Vachey. “We’re Here” was written by Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano. Published by Erased Tapes Music Publishing and Decca Publishing. Courtesy of Erased Tapes. You can purchase the Everything soundtrack in a variety of formats at www.erasedtapes.com.

Source: Believer Mag