Max Richter Launches Peaceful Music Playlist On Apple Music

August 3, 2018

Max Richter, the acclaimed composer, pianist and producer, has guest-curated the Peaceful Music playlist, the first playlist brand co-created between Universal Music Group and Apple Music, in order to help people find “a useful place to rest” amid the frenzy of modern life.

Listen to the Peaceful Music playlist exclusively on Apple Music.

“I wanted to curate Peaceful Music because of my interest in music as a sort of disrupter, in a way. I like this idea of there being more than one way to write protest music… I guess it shares this idea that music, as well as being something we just enjoy listening [to], it can also have a use – almost like a utility, a tool. We have music for dancing, we have music for running, we have music for all sorts of different things.

Whether it’s Bach or Brian Eno, the common link in the Peaceful Music playlist, says Richter, is offering “music that transports us” from being bombarded by the digital age.

“People say of music: ‘That track takes me somewhere,’” he says. “Music does. There is something about the way our brains interact with sound and music that just means it is almost like the piece is a place in itself. I guess all my choices share a kind of a fingerprint, which is to do with something that does not flood your consciousness with information. It is not busy. It leaves enough space for you to think your own thoughts as it is going on.”


Source: UDiscoverMusic