Amelia Warner


Amelia Warner is well-known for her acclaimed work in the indie genre where she composed, collaborated and performed as ‘Slow Moving Millie’. One of her works, ‘Rewind City’, received much media attention after it was used in an Orange advert, as well as her rendition of The Smiths‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’  being chosen for the 2011 John Lewis Christmas advert. Her first EP ‘Arms’ reached #1 in the iTunes classical chart.

In 2016 Warner released the score for her first film music project ‘Mum’s List’. In February 2017 Amelia launched the first in a series of seven composition releases that will ultimately form the suite ‘Visitors’. ‘Visitors’ consists of seven new original works, each based on a fictional female character.

Amelia has also composed the score for ‘Mary Shelley’, starring Elle Fanning and Douglas Booth, it recounts the story of Mary Shelley’s first love and romantic relationship with poet Percy Bysshe Shelley which inspired her to write Frankenstein.



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