Duval Timothy


Duval’s work includes painting, music, photography, sculpture, design, food, video and textiles. Past exhibitions and projects include Sen Am performance at Museo Luigi Varoli, Romagna, Italy and St Johns Hall, London, Brown Loop/ Blue Borough at Still House Gallery, Red Hook NY, Keep it up with DAM projects at A_Space gallery, London. Su Ikramimizdir with Serra Tansel at Polistar gallery, Istanbul and Mahsiwel at Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London.

Other highlights included workshops at the Albany theatre in Deptford, an interactive installation at Tate Modern Turbine Hall, talks at The Southbank Centre and pop-up dinners at Le Bal cafe, Paris.

Following time living in Sierra Leone learning traditional fabric weaving Duval started the brand Carrying Colour (CC). CC explores colour both in the sense of chromatics and identity, themes that unify Duval’s practice. These projects are released in the form of an evolving clothing range, photography, publications and lifestyle products.

His solo piano pieces are somewhere on the boundaries between contemporary minimalism and jazz. Precise, geometrical constructions featuring heart-rending chord changes and simple melodies. Timothy weaves in recordings of friends and relatives from Sierra Leone, making the entire collection sound like an immersive, cross-cultural dialogue.



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