Franz Kirmann is a music producer and recording artist based in London.

Active since 2006, Kirmann has been releasing music and scoring for media as both a solo artist, and with composer/multi-instrumentalist Tom Hodge. Together they’ve created the electronic/post-classical crossover project “Piano Interrupted”. Between 2012 and 2016, Kirmann released three solo albums and three Piano Interrupted albums, primarily on German label Denovali, in addition to touring around Europe. In 2009, he founded electronic music label Days Of Being Wild.

In 2016, Kirmann met film and TV producer Paul Ritchie, and the pair became friends. After seeing a performance of Piano Interrupted in London, Ritchie asked Kirmann and Hodge to score his BBC/AMC series McMafia. The series, written by Hossein Amini and directed by James Watkins, was a success, garnering a second season which the two also scored. In early 2018, following signing to Decca Publishing, the pair wrote the score for the documentary The Man Behind The Microphone about Hédi Jouini, the godfather of Tunisian music (film of the month, MUBI July 2019), releasing the score through 1631 Recordings. Both projects saw Kirmann and Hodge collaborate with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

In 2019, Franz released his 4th solo album, Madrapour, on London label Bytes / Ransom Note. Entirely composed on a modular system and synthesizers, the album is a return to Franz’s purely electronic sound. 2020 saw him release the Broadcast trilogy of albums. His most recent score was for the Bafta Award winning BBC Four documentary LOCKED IN: BREAKING THE SILENCE.


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