Tim Hecker


Tim Hecker is a Canadian composer and sound artist who has spent the last decade inhabiting a unique intersection between noisedissonance, and melody. In his varied and celebrated works, digital and organic sources tightly intertwine. The result is a hybrid aesthetic that recalls electronic abstraction and psychedelic minimalism. Across his 15-year career he has moved through shades of reflective electronic noiseexperiential sound design, and modern composition with a deft and distinguished touch. Cultivating enigmatic, uneasy soundscapes, the beauty and crush of Hecker’s sonically processed noise has been compared to “tectonic colour plates” and “cathedral electronic music.”

2021 saw Hecker direct his creative energies towards the world of Film and Television composition. He scored the BBC mini-series The North Water, starring Colin Farell, Jack O’Connell & Stephen Graham, along with Peter Brunner’s horror film Luziferand the upcoming La Tour d’Assitan. Hecker has seamlessly channelled his own brand of ‘cathedral electronic music’ into his scores, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his 2022 forays into the Film world.


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