Sebastian Plano


Born into a musical family in Argentina, Sebastian Plano is a classically-trained contemporary composer and multi-instrumentalist. Exploring his strong roots in folk music and tango, and enchanted by the resonance of electronic music, he began to interpret his influences with his own sounds at age 12.

Already with the first release of Arrhythmical Part of Hearts, Plano has gained international acclaim, placing him as one of the pioneering artists combining classical and electronic elements. Sebastian Plano’s music has been considered akin to the sounds of Ólafur Arnalds, Sigur Rós, Arvo Pärt, Nils Frahm and Max Richter. Alongside Ben Lukas Boysen, Plano created a score for the award winning Playstation game, Everything.

Plano is scheduled to release his next full length album this September on Mercury KX, following the release of his Novel EP on Mercury KX last October. Plano most recently created a moving ocean-centred composition, in association with Havas and Sharp’s Brewery, in aid of a charity that aims to prevent further sea pollution.

Plano recently released his next album ‘Verve’ which is now available through Mercury KX.


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